Wayne Township School District
Large School District in Indiana
July 19, 2016
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Premiere Health Provider in Georgia

Georgia University Healthcare System


Special protocals abound when working within the highly controlled healthcare environment. Everything is urgent. Lives are at stake. Infection control is critical factor in the equation, and no system can afford to fail. The highest safety requirements, addressing environmental concerns, accreditation compliance and the utmost integrity are required to be a trusted partner in this sector. We are flexible and address specific needs by department and seamlessly manage the rules and procedures of multiple sets of facility mangers and the specs all at once. We are adept at scaling our team up and down to maintain the required timeframes and the quality of work. We pride ourselves on being their trusted and efficient, technology partner.

Our proven work ethic and quality workmanship has facilitated the growth of our team from managing one project to more than 25 outbuildings and technology upgrades in the most critical, lifesaving, vital areas of the hospital. We helped set the bar for all the cabling work done in the facility. And when there is an issue, they call us in to collaborate and solve it together. We have a local office and dedicated staff to support their demanding and evolving needs of this long-term parnership.
we know that lives are depending on the job done right.