About. Structured Cabling Services.

This is our 17th year in the structured cabling business. The harder you work, the luckier you get, as they say. We attribute our longevity to our company’s strength as a business and the dedication, talent, and highly skilled contributions of our team.

MADE IN THE USA. Our products, our services, and our team. China’s offshore knockoff products just don’t perform for today’s technology challenges. Certified partners with suppliers of superior, quality products, made in the US.

Two offices in Indiana: Fort Wayne, our corporate location supporting the Northern Region. And we just opened a new, larger office space in Indianapolis that supports the Central Region. Our primary coverage area is central and northern Indiana.

In 2013, due to a client request, we expanded operations in Augusta, GA for a third office.

Financially stable and fiscally responsible. Over the last seven years, we have exceeded our company's financial goals. Wired is here to stay and ride the technology waves with you.

We are proud of our who’s who client base and are highly invested in the tools, training, and standards-based quality workmanship that our field teams leverage, to be successful.

What you see is what you get. And what you can’t see is where we excel. We do great work that shows excellent work behind walls, inside closets, and sights unseen. Here you get what you invest in. With us, you can expect more and get the uncompromising quality that you pay for. On that, we base our stellar reputation and proudly receive client recommendation.

We exceed industry standards.

Wired knows from experience that every structured cabling system is unique.

This is due to variations in the:

  • Architectural structure of the building which houses the structured cabling installation

  • Cable and connection products

  • Function of the structured cabling installation

  • Types of equipment the structured cabling installation will support - present and future

  • Configuration of an already installed system (upgrades and retrofits)

  • Customer requirements and manufacturer warranties.

Our designers and installers question the spec because we know what to ask. Knowing that beyond the superficial or easy interpretation of the spec, the answer lies in asking the probing questions. That’s how we get to the crux of the parameters of the install. As our client, we want you to rely on and take advantage of our experience and expertise. It’s what separates us from the pack.

After all, that is what you are paying for. You are paying for the work to be done right and cost-effectively the first time. And we want you to pay for only what you need. We factor in variables, such as length of time to utilize the installation and level of product needed to satisfy the network solution.

Wired partners with your IT department to help them help you. We are an integral part of your IT team.