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We provide unsurpassed structured cabling installation with accuracy and precision for exceptional performance.

Wired knows the cabling business first and foremost. We can select and provide products from any manufacturer. The untouchable benefit of working with us is our vast degree of field experience. We know what works in a particular situation and what doesn't. 

No one manufacturer’s product line solves every problem and challenge on its own. Wired is in the best position to recommend what's right for you and not our wallet.

Our business is to know every manufacturers product line inside and out and to recommend the best fit for your data needs.

We execute to a solid design plan that we have crafted. Or we can troubleshoot plans made by others, to make them work in the field. When you select any category cable its important to understand the installation environment (where the cable will be installed), the performance need (how fast and how well do you want the network to communicate), POE plans (how much power is or will be needed at the endpoint), what type of end points are being deployed, cost, and the occupancy term of the space/facility.

We’ve done the homework and research and know what will compromise your network performance.

The methods we use to complete and maintain cabling installations are relatively standard. The standardization of these installations is necessary because of the need to ensure acceptable system performance from increasingly complex arrangements. The U.S. cabling industry accepts the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), in conjunction with TIA/EIA, as the responsible organization for providing and maintaining standards and practices within the profession. It has published a series of standards to design, install, and maintain cabling installations. These help to ensure a proper cabling installation. The benefits of these standards include: Consistency of design and installation, conformance to physical and transmission line requirements, A basis for examining a proposed system expansion and other changes; and Uniform documentation

Our installers are pros with decades of experience in the field. They are trained and certified by BISCI and most all manufacturers to current industry standards. We provide the highest technologically competent structured cabling system— engineered, installed, and tested by our Team.

We proudly stand behind the quality and integrity of our work.