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At Wired, we operate at the intersection of construction and technology. Need to bring a historic school building into the 21st century? No problem. Looking for seamless communication between every piece of equipment on the shop floor. We’ve got you covered.

From consulting on smart building solutions to getting critical medical equipment back to 100% connectivity, we design the exact network cabling solution to fit your needs. Find out more about the industries we specialize in by clicking below.

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Empower your business with flexible network cabling solutions designed to adapt and grow with your evolving needs.


Ensure seamless connectivity in commercial spaces, maximizing efficiency and reliability from the ground floor to the rooftop.


Power your sites with durable solutions for onsite communication, security, and efficiency from groundbreaking to completion.


Transform learning environments with comprehensive network solutions designed to support the latest in educational technology.


Minimize downtime and keep your control systems, machine integration, inventory control, and security systems running smoothly 24/7.


Enable seamless integration of medical devices and electronic records with advanced network cabling solutions tailored for healthcare environments.

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Ready to Supercharge Your Network?

Enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and future-proof your facility with our proven network cabling solutions.