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Repair Services

Repair Services

Not all networks need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Whether you’re having issues with smart device connectivity, slow network speeds, or need expert advice on how to expand your existing network, we offer a full suite of network repair services to fit your needs.

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Why Choose Wired?

Minimize Downtime

If time is money, you’re losing both for every minute you spend dealing with bad connectivity, slow device speeds, and other network issues. Our team of experienced service pros will help you keep downtime to a minimum with fast response times and expert repairs.

Increase Efficiency

Having a fully functioning network doesn’t just mean avoiding the headaches caused by outages, it also means you get more throughput from your devices. Our repair services help you find the right solution to make the most of your network.

Long-Term Savings

Since 2005, over 41% of our customers have reported losing over $10,000 per year on fixing network issues caused by cheap or improperly installed network cabling. By replacing damaged or poorly installed components, you too can save big over the long term.

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Your IT professionals are the experts when it comes to your devices. We’re the experts when it comes to how those devices are connected behind the walls. Contact us today to get a quote on your next network repair job.