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Cat Cabling

PROFESSIONAL Cat Cabling Services

Our CAT cabling specialists ensure seamless connectivity and reliability for your network infrastructure. We leverage industry-leading practices and materials to deliver optimal performance and future-proof solutions.

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WIRED: YOUR Cat Cabling Experts

From the local coffee shop to the manufacturing complex, CAT cabling is the backbone of high-speed data transmission and network stability. Wired specializes in CAT cabling solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring efficient data flow and network integrity.


We adhere strictly to ANSI, TIA, and NEC/BICSI standards for CAT cabling installation, including proper cable management, termination technique, and rigorous testing procedures.


Our certified technicians conduct comprehensive testing and certification to validate the performance and compliance of your CAT cabling infrastructure, ensuring optimal functionality.


Wired offers seamless CAT cabling upgrades and expansions to accommodate growing bandwidth requirements, new technologies, and evolving business needs.

How to Choose the Right Cable

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Maximize your network performance with Wired's expertise in CAT cabling solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can enhance your network infrastructure.