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Wired is your go-to design and build company for quality and high performance structured cabling and low voltage wiring systems. Our highly experienced, dynamic, team is led by BICSI certified RCDD, technicians, and installers. We relate structured cabling and low voltage cabling systems to the technology it supports - with an edge of insider industry intel.

You must know the network to know this business.

Our primary business is in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector as defined by BICSI. Our focus encompasses the areas of our industry known as:


All these services with the associated engineering, design, installation, and consulting services backed with warranties and certifications from the top manufacturers in the US.

Our team is tooled, trained, trucked, talented, tenured and trusted.

Wired is about knowing what’s next and solving for now… About forward thinking and helping clients utilize smart technology solutions to their advantage. Working fast in turbo problem solving mode. Because when your business needs to communicate – it can’t wait. You depend on your technology to be seamless where and when you need it.

Structured cabling is the fundamental building block on which all technology runs. Depend on our team to design and install what you need, where you need it, as fast as you need it.

We raise the standards bar, to higher than what it ‘should be’, to our exemplary wired standard.

Here is your one-stop-shop for smart, on the job thinking. Sure, we are book smart, but more importantly, we are field smart - thinking fast on our feet, as the project unfolds on site.

Let us make your technology work as fast and flexible as it was designed to operate and tailor our solutions to your needs for: voice, data, wireless, audio, video, paging, smart boards, and more. We keep emerging technologies in mind, as we design, such as: VoIP, Intelligent Buildings, POE (Power Over Ethernet), Digital Ceilings, 10 gigs+, and wireless. Wired offers a full breadth of products and services and the expertise to apply them to your industry, classroom, hospital, manufacturing, and growing business.

Our brains are just wired that way.