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High Tech Medical Equipment Manufacturer – Siemon Certified Installers

The Situation

As a manufacturer of high tech knee, hip, back and spine replacements, this client runs a white glove, clean operation. Their sprawling campus has diverse technology needs from manufacturing to corporate offices to mock OR’s. Our long history using Siemon products, made us a good fit to set them on the right product usage path. In fact, the path we set for the local facility, later became a corporate standard and requirement. Now we are the only Siemon certified installer allowed to work on their network. We are apart of their family they trust to exceed all requirements and standards in our industry set by BICSI and OSHA.
now they refuse to use anyone else.

The Solution

We are a premier Siemon certified installer and adhere to all of their rigorous standards. This made us a perfect fit for corporate requirements and expectations. Our foreman and associates on the ground run an impeccable job site, with the highest of safety standards and OSHA compliance. They are a demanding client with one of the best written corporate specs. We get that. We don’t just do the minimum compliance to the spec - we exceed it. We are just not some vendor to them, we are apart of their IT staff. We are their IT resource - not ‘just cabling.’ We bridge the gap between the construction trades, the architect and the Client. That’s why we are on call 24/7 for any networking or cabling challenges and facilitation of on-going upgrades and changes. There may be other providers that cost less, but they value true quality more.
we routinely exceed the minimum requirements.